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Outlandish Fortune was founded at the end of Vanilla World of Warcraft raiding and has been going strong ever since.  We're founded on the very simple concept that the reason to still be playing this game is to raid, and the reason to raid is that it is fun. And so we want to keep it fun.  That means you'll rarely hear anybody snarl at somebody else during a raid.  That means we just use /random rolls to distribute loot, relying on our members to know their needs and to be considerate.  That means we're careful who we add to our family and we value the culture and atmosphere.  And it means we don't want all of your life stuck into the game.  We keep our raiding schedule reasonable and do awesome things with it.

Sound like a good idea?  Click the Apply to Guild button to the left... or just use this link.  That's the way we roll.

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Flex mode

by Chaosoftime, 361 days ago

I have sent question to know if flex mode will happen or not.

I will keep you updated as I get information.

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I am terrible with photoshop !

by Chaosoftime, 363 days ago

Yeah.... so I tried to see if I could make a new banner for the forums but it turns out I am terribad in art.

I dont have Grae's talent !

If you have any time and talent, dont be shy!

I will try to keep you informed for flex mode as soon as I have information.

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