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Outlandish Fortune was founded at the end of Vanilla World of Warcraft raiding and has been going strong ever since.  We're founded on the very simple concept that the reason to still be playing this game is to raid, and the reason to raid is that it is fun. And so we want to keep it fun.  That means you'll rarely hear anybody snarl at somebody else during a raid.  That means we just use /random rolls to distribute loot, relying on our members to know their needs and to be considerate.  That means we're careful who we add to our family and we value the culture and atmosphere.  And it means we don't want all of your life stuck into the game.  We keep our raiding schedule reasonable and do awesome things with it.

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High Maul Raid Opens 12/2

by Jezeria, 276 days ago

Tomorrow the first WoD raid is open.

i want to hit it and I think we may have enough peeps to go.  A couple non-OF friends may well join us.

Start time: 5:30ST. (8:30 eastern)

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Warlords of Draenor Fast Approaching

by Jezeria, 315 days ago

The WoD expansion is just a few weeks away.  I've seen an uptick in interest as witnessed by folks logged on and playing again.  

After the "lack-of-love" that Bliz laid on 25 man "casual progression" guilds, our raids dropped to 10 and then stopped entirely. 

Now we have an environment that I think will be conducive to a less than fanatical progression raiding and reward truly serious raids with a mythic experience. I, personally, don't expect to be in the mythic crowd, at lest anytime soon, but I would like to have an organized raid.

The variable raid size allowed in normal and heroic difficulties and scaling raid difficulty should tremendously reduce the scheduling headaches and let us take all the raiders who can make a raid without being restricted to a hard count of 10 or 25. If someone has to be chronically late, we can invite them to a raid in progress, if someone has to leave early, we don't have to call the raid at that point.  The flexibility should really help.

That said, I want to raid with people who:

  1. Know their class, who want to get maximum performance from their gear (without making it a job),
  2. Have a good attitude (can take wipes while learning in stride, don't fuss excessively),
  3. Want the group to succeed and make progress, but not go ballistic if we aren't on the toughest mode (yet),
  4. Want to make progress given the constraints we play under (WoW is a game, for fun, not my job),
  5. Do their homework (e.g. grind out weekly valor points or whatever takes their place), 
  6. Most of all folks who want to have fun and are fun.

I don't know when raids would be or have other details.  I have started a discussion thread in Guild General for forming such ideas.

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